Marlboro Educational Foundation

Marlboro Educational Foundation

“I believe the children are our future.

 Teach them well and let them lead the way.” – The Greatest Love of All

  It began as a vision. Perhaps the song could have sparked it. Or maybe the fact that there are so many amazing experiences in the world to discover and to learn from. And who else but our children should be the ones to have the opportunity to witness them?  Fortunately, our town has a non-profit organization that gives our teachers and our schools the ability to bring this vision into reality. It is called the Marlboro Educational Foundation, and just like its logo it is the rising star that has reached out and touched every one of our student’s lives since the year 2000.

At the beginning of the school year the teachers of each of Marlboro’s schools have the opportunity to put together a ‘wish list’ of various programs and projects from around the country that they feel would enrich their students’ learning experience.  They give this list to the Marlboro Educational Foundation. The Foundation began over 10 years ago with a mission: “To enhance the quality of education in theMarlboroTownshipSchool District…to promote and provide educational opportunities through innovative programs and projects.” It has a simple and straightforward name. It should carry with it incredible images of flapping penguins, Royal bells, lab coats and goggles, liquid nitrogen balls, elaborate Shakespearean costumes, parachutes in the gymnasiums, headsets and videos, memorial gardens and even stability balls for special needs children.  The Foundation has given teachers the funding for over 230 grants totaling more than $300,000.

The Marlboro Educational Foundation has received so many thank you letters from teachers, students, the Marlboro Township Board of Education, as well as from the Mayor and the New Jersey State Legislature.  Because of the financial restrictions on the Board of Ed to supply out of budget funding for additional educational programs designed to enhance students’ learning experience, the Foundation has become key in maintaining the exceptional education that Marlboro is well known for.

The Marlboro Educational Foundation has 13 Trustees. Some of the members have children in theMarlboroSchoolsystem and some of them do not. They come together for their monthly meetings at MEF President Lisa Naboulsi’s home.  Each one brings to the table their own ideas, charisma and sincerity.  Amongst them is an air of respect and admiration for one another. They have an energy that acts like a spark igniting excitement for programs they hope to see come into fruition. 

The members of the foundation accept donations and organize numerous fundraising events each year to supplement the many grant requests they receive.  Thanks to the Marlboro Educational Foundation we can continue to feel great pride in the educational and enriching experiences that are given to our children through our teachers and our schools. 

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 The Foundation is always looking for additional Trustees, as well as many volunteers for the committees organizing the Restaurant Tasting Evening.  For more information about the Foundation, contact MEF President Lisa Naboulsi or Vice President Barbara Spilken at  (732)851-4001 or visit the website at

Marlboro Educational Foundation:Lisa Naboulsi, President, Barbara Spilken, Vice President, Lynn Franco, Secretary, Gail Puleo, Treasurer, Michael Baker, CFRE, Lori Belasco, Erinn Como, Veronica Dwyer, Bennett Gewirtz, Selika Josiah Gore, Marielaina LaRosa, Beth Moore, Thea Pace


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