There is no greater thing that one can do than to serve other people.” Beverly Bova Scarano – Calico Cat Thrift Shoppe – STARDUST

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“There is no greater thing that one can do than to serve other people.” – Beverly Bova Scarano

The Calico Cat Thrift Shop is nestled in the community of Middletown and is a representation of the town’s dedication to providing food and necessities for the less fortunate. This is where we found Stardust. Beverly Bova Scarano is an avid philanthropist and committed activist for the poor and struggling families in New Jersey. Her passion and drive and her exuberant dedication has inspired so many teens and young adults to join the battle against hunger in New Jersey.

Video: Tour the Calico Cat Thrift Shop and Cupboard & Pantry

For Beverly it all started many years ago when she was a young girl of 21, working at her local town hall in New Jersey. She had just learned that her beloved President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. As a young person she was very inspired by the President and his vision. She always remembered his quote: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” She had always felt that she had to do something with her life; she wanted to find her purpose and make a meaningful impact in the world. So, after the tragic death of her President, she decided join the Peace Corp. After months of training she was sent to the Philippines to work in the school system teaching English as a second language and helping in the community. When she came back to America after 2 years nothing was the same for her.

Beverly Inspires the Youth to join the Movement to Fight Hunger in their local communities.

How can you help get your children involved with the movement to feed the hungry?

Visit Calico Cat to volunteer for community services, sort food and box food. Getting involved with Boys and Girls Scouts as they promote many of the principles focused on helping in the community. Get involved with a Church or Synagogue that has an outreach program. The Bayshore Lunch Program needs volunteers once a month!

Calico Cat Cupboard & Pantry – Community Outreach Group #732-671-2304,



Beverly Bova Scarano, (Philanthropist & Youth Leader)

Janice Liebenow, (Pantry & Cupboard Coordinator)

StarDust: “There is no greater thing that one can do than to serve other people.” – Beverly Bova Scarano – Hosted by TaraJean McDonald


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