A Rooftop Experience – Elevated

Dining Out Jersey – Concourse Club’s glamour, high quality cocktails and leisurely dining.

…Upon crossing the threshold of Concourse Club on the top floor, you are immediately embraced by the subdued earthy colors brought to life by warm lighting and natural textures. This retro rooftop bar is styled in 1950-1960’s decor. The 1950’s were all about embracing comfort, so the club has cozy seating that inspires romantic conversations and relaxing reunions. The unique architecture, with sloping ceilings and perfectly designed lighting creates depth and height throughout. This upscale club easily exudes a lavish and rebellious excitement that can only come from the collaboration of adding 1960’s inspiration in its design. Bright bursts of color accent the decor throughout the lounge, especially at the bar where the exquisite placement of lighting creates a glow beneath vibrant colored bottles of sweet liqueurs, champagne, and whiskeys….

READ FULL Article HERE: https://diningoutjersey.com/concourse-club-the-rooftop-experience-elevated/


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