TaraJean McDonald – TV Host & Spokesperson Reel

Tara-Jean studied Marketing at Fordham University in New York City but her passion for creativity and expression moved her beyond a Bachelor of Arts degree to where she also studied Theatre and Performance at both Fordham and Roundabout Theatre. Her incandescent spirit, always glowing and growing, took her ultimately to the stage and television in Metropolitan New York as an aspiring actress. Along the way, with a few blinks of an eye, Tara-Jean was married and raising three young daughters, coincidentally, all imbued with that same energy of expression for theatre, dance, opera and journalism. Next, Tara-Jean harnessed that spirited energy, becoming editor of Our Town, a Monmouth County newspaper and appearing as a TV host for local Channel 77. The next perfect fit for Tara-Jean to channel her unlimited energy was central Jersey journalism with NJ Discover. She consistently brought a special warmth, caring, insight and humanity to her stories and a reputation flourished with on sight reporting about Hurricane Sandy, homelessness and Tent City, pervasive hunger in New Jersey, and Jersey’s iconic music and film scene. She is epicenter of what’s happening around the county and state. Almost evolutionary, Tara-Jean went on to co-host NJ Discover LIVE radio and now cable TV and still manages time (quintessential juggler) to be a writer, spokesmodel, copywriter, producer and journalist.

TaraJean McDonald – TV Host & Spokesperson Reel

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