Howling Woods Farm & Michael Hodanish – Not the wolves from Little Red Riding Hood. WolfDog Rescue in Jackson NJ – Hosted by TaraJean McDonald Vitale

StarDust – Not The Wolves From Little Red Riding Hood….

Howling Farms – Jackson

Featuring: Michael Hodanish
35 years ago Michael Hodanish didn’t know that when he adopted a stray pup that wandered on to his property in Arizona, that it would turn out to be part wolf. He also didn’t know that this small act of kindness would lead to a movement that would save wolfdogs all over the country. This time we found StarDust in the woods of Jackson New Jersey.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this kindhearted man who has made it his mission to save as many wolfdogs as he can. It is very apparent how much these animals love and respect him on the farm. Michael finds homes for the wolfdogs, working with the new owners and providing them with as much education that is necessary for the successful transition of a wolfdog into their lives. These animals are being bred all over the country but not all of the wolfdogs end up in safe happy homes. So many are euthanized because of the lack of knowledge or training an owner has for raising wolfdogs. I hope you enjoy the show and find some time to visit and learn about the mission to save wolfdogs in our country.

Howling Woods Farm Mission: “Education. It’s to teach people that wolves are not the dangerous animals that we grow up learning about through fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood.” – Michael Hodanish

“I am happy to give families a new family member they could cherish and the fact that people got educated.” – Michael Hodanish


StarDust – Hosted by TaraJean McDonald

Featuring: Michael Hodanish of Howling Woods Farm, Jackson NJ


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